We are bunch of people who are enthusiastic about technology and the role in can play in solving real world problems. Whether you are a industrialist/ business owner looking to enhance process efficiency or bring in automation or a researcher with a revolutionary idea, we can help you leverage technology to turn your concept to reality. 

We do not believe in reinventing the wheel, so while working on a new solution, our development efforts are split into two parts:

  • System Integration: use of existing tried and tested components off the shelf. These may include circuit modules, sensors, industrial grade transmitter and automation components from existing manufacturers. This helps us quickly test the concept and even deliver multiple quantities of solution for small runs.

  • Internet of Things: software components that run on the cloud. These include device commissioning, configuration and HMI web apps and mobile apps. We sometimes use third party components (data broker, logging services and remote access services) to speed up delivery times. 

Solving real world problems through IoT

Remote monitoring of injection moulding machines.
Samruddhi Industries is a well known manufacturer of high strength plastic goods. As a part of their lean manufacturing and continuous improvement initiatives, they required real time remote monitoring of the production output of their plastic injection moulding machines. We used a miniPLC and a 4G/WiFi capable embedded linux computer together with some smart software to get the work done.

Current Projects

Remote monitoring of air handling units.
Toro Cooling systems manufacture dual path energy efficient air handling units. As a part of their new product development initiative, we are working with them to provide sensors and hardware to remotely monitor the performance and energy consumption of their air handling unit and present valuable cost and energy savings data to their customers.
Test rack for LED Tubelights.
amled - manufacturer of LED tubelights - required a rack for burn-in testing 20-30 units in one go. The rack features industrial automation devices acting as modbus slaves to a internet connected remotely programmable microcontroller. 
Electricity monitoring for residences.
The modern Indian residences are supplied with three phase phase power supplies. Using an industrial grade modbus capable energy meter, one can log usage patterns and inculcate sustainable and low carbon footprint to one's life style. The system has been implemented in 5 location this far and has been running continuously for more than 2 years. The build process is documented on Anurag's blog and was featured on hackaday.

Past Projects

Weather station for residences.
The internet connected weather station was a citizen science project that led to the conceptualization of VibeScope. The system has proved as an invaluable tool for exploring IoT concepts. The current prototype has been running for more than 3 years now and has given lots of insight into data collection and citizen science. It is based on a hacked OpenWrt capable router. The build process has been documented on Anurag's blog.
Internet connected lamp.
A lamp that shimmers when some one mentions you in a tweet. A physical letterbox that notifies you when the postman drops a letter in it. Build process is documented on Anurag's blog. It is a DIY project based on Arduino YÚN and Temboo.

Future Projects

Internet connected FPGA based PLC and Gateway for fieldbus devices.
Fieldbus devices - energy meters, variable frequency drivers, transmitters, solar cell charge controllers - are a popular choice for small industries. There is a demand for remote monitoring of their parameters over SMS or via a web/smart phone app that shows graphically the historical records of those values. analytic tools are a welcome addition as well. Many small scale industries also require some form of automation. We plan to use and FPGA to build an internet connected PLC that could be programmed graphically from the web. The web app will have commissioning features not only for the PLC but also for any field devices connected to it. The software we be based on the latest web technologies. This project is still in concept stage and will be offered as a service+product bouquet.
Apps and devices for lifestyle management and sustainable living.
We are surrounded by IoT devices that monitor our bodies - activity tracking wrist band, sleep tracking alarm clocks, WiFi connected weighing scale, smart refrigerators and blood pressure monitors. Combine the massive amounts of data that these devices generate with those from some smart meters that monitor our resource consumption (gas, water, electricity) and you have a powerful platform to analyse and manage your environmental impact and health. Add gamification to the mix and you have a social phenomenon where friends and family compete with each other in a race towards a more sustainable lifestyle. The project is currently in concept phase. A prezi outlining the system is linked to below.

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